Janitorial Cleaning

We help you fight the dirt, bacteria, and viruses!


Whether cleaning bathrooms and taking out the trash is your thing or not, our firm can save you time, which saves you money by providing daily, weekly and monthly janitorial services.

Above Par Cleaning Services of Vermont, is a commercial cleaning company that offers cleaning services mostly to other businesses. Our company does rug shampooing, strip and wax floors, powerscrub, as well as the usual cleaning services for their clients.

  • Looking for organic solutions? Ask Above Par!
  • Have special needs? Ask Above Par!
  • Do you have hospital, restaurant, retail, or industrial cleaning needs? Ask Above Par!



Above Par is Vermont’s #1 Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Company!

We Get the Job Done!

At Above Par Cleaning LLC we make your cleaning needs our only priority. Whether you need your carpet cleaned or require complete janitorial maintenance, feel at ease knowing we’ll get the job done right the first time. 

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